Commitment to 'Location Germany'

In 2006 a working group of medium sized companies from the Paper/Office/Stationery industries founded the initiative 'Location Germany', RENZ is proud to be a member.

The group of companies who are members of this initiative identify themselves with production facilities in Germany. Together they aim to maintain jobs, create new jobs and invest back into the German economy.

Common marketing activities specialised for the Paper/Office/Stationery trade sectors encourages the trade to get more involved with the 'Location Germany'. Promoting and generating turnover for leading German products/brands. Trade dealers benefit from the ‘Location Germany’ activities by distinguishing them as a quality supplier separating them from mass market products which are produced globally.

The members that make up ‘Location Germany’ are: RENZ, Han, Maul, Sigel and Veloflex. All these companies supply within the Paper/Office/Stationery sectors.

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